We at Alistair Grey like to lead with example, we wrote about reducing waste and being more socially conscious. The fashion industry puts an enormous amount of strain on the eco system each year by not only producing but also disposing of goods after we're done with them. There are ways to limit the amount of toxins that we expose to the air and soil but it still remains in some way shape of form. As a business it would sound weird if we said please stop consuming products altogether so that we can return to a state of eden but the reality is we want to encourage resposibity,  from not only you but also us. This year hasn't been easy on anybody to say the least and expecially for individuals that have been left worst for wear, we wanted to make a difference so decided to do a christmas drive and give away clothes to anyone that might not have been to affort otherwise. The season for giving unconditionally , heck "Santa's been doing it for years" although we don't have a nice list, we're kinda naughty ourselves. when we say unconditional we mean it , we're not looking for likes or follows in order to seem like we're doing something good. it's for an all round good cause and hope others can follow suit to make this a better world for everyone to inhabit. #LOVE 

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