Allow us to paint a picture, one that is not grim but full of wonder and joy!
A land where smiles are not forced and equality is granted without bias or demanded by force. The question we asked ourselves, is this imaginary world only possible in a fairly tale or a children's book? The conclusion was no this is in fact possible in the real world but this journey is not an easy one as it requires us to act, react and behave differently to what we're accustom to. We use a world called sustainable quite regularly now and businesses are inclined to  offer it as solution to the public, but is it just a feel good factor or an actual solution. Will it end Global hunger or stop the ice caps from melting, if we said yes then would that response be an ignorant one. The reality is we have the power within us all to behave more responsibly and a simple step is to reduce wastage, that in itself has a cyclone effect which coincides with one another. 



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